Top 10 health benefits of garlic in milk

Metadescription: Discover the amazing health benefits of the garlic milk remedy and soon you could be giving your immune system the boost that it has been waiting for.

Garlic has long been recognised as having a number of health benefits but did you ever consider mixing it with milk? Well, some people have and are starting to realise that this combination can help to ease the symptoms of a number of different conditions. Milk is considered to be one of the most ‘complete’ foods because of its nutritional value and garlic has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. When you use the two to make a drink you have a remedy that is packed not only with nutrients, but also enzymes and antioxidants. Popular in Ayurvedic medicine, this remedy is very simple to make yourself.

All you need to do is take one cup of fresh milk, just three cloves of garlic, a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a touch of black pepper and as much organic honey as you want. Put the milk on a high heat and then crush the garlic before adding to the pan. Add the turmeric and pepper and continue to boil the mix until the garlic is softened. Let the mix cool to lukewarm before adding the honey and drinking. You have to make sure you consume the garlic cloves! This drink can help you with a number of different ailments so if you have been suffering from any of the following you may start to notice a difference.

  1. Colds or Flu
    Some of us suffer from colds and flu far more often than we should and this is a sign of a sluggish immune system. Give it a boost with the garlic and milk combination to help to ward off infections. To begin with try the remedy twice a day until you feel you are completely clear of your cold but you can also use the remedy when a new infection seems to be doing the rounds. If you are suffering from a cough then adding a little more turmeric can help to ease these symptoms.
  2. Skin problems
    Skin problems such as hormonal acne can also be eased with the help of the garlic milk drink. The anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of the milk can ease the inflammation, drying out the spots and helping to prevent new break-outs from starting. If the drink is used on a regular basis, it can help to encourage the skin to heal more quickly, preventing much of the scarring associated with acne.
  3. Pneumonia
    This remedy could be useful in fighting pneumonia and it is considered to be particularly effective for young children. The microbes that develop when you have pneumonia can be killed on contact with the active ingredients in the garlic milk drink. The boost for the immune system can also help to aid a faster recovery.
  4. Digestive support
    Many people are plagued with digestive issues these days from a basic tummy ache to irritable bowel syndrome but the pains and cramps that are associated with these conditions can be eased by using the garlic milk remedy. Garlic has the ability to promote the production of digestive juices and the milk can take care of the problem microbes that exist in the digestive system. The drink can also deal with parasites in the system and drinking it in the morning can help to kill off any parasitic infection. By using the remedy the body is better able to support the good bacterial in the stomach that we need for effective digestion.
  5. Sciatica
    If you add palm candy to the drink when you are boiling the mix along with a little sugar then you have a remedy that can help to ease the symptoms of sciatica. The anti-inflammatory properties of the remedy can help to soothe the nerve pain.
  6. Cardiac problems
    The garlic milk drink could be useful in reducing levels of the harmful LDL cholesterol and therefore reduce the possibility of clots in the circulation. For issues relating to the cardiac system you need to make sure you use skimmed or low-fat milk to avoid adding too much fat to your system.
  7. Jaundice
    One of the many benefits of garlic is to remove toxins from the body. The remedy provides the body with sulphur which acts as a detoxifier. It can help to promote the health of the liver and promote the production of bile. Those suffering from jaundice could see benefits within a few days of using the garlic/milk remedy. The nutritional content of the milk is important for supporting good liver health and this will help to keep jaundice at bay.
  8. Arthritis
    The combination of ingredients in this drink has strong anti-inflammatory properties which could help it to combat the symptoms of arthritis. You could see the benefits just by having one cup of this remedy each day. Other inflammatory conditions could also be eased when using this remedy.
  9. Asthma
    It is considered that garlic is an effective remedy for asthma and just three cloves of garlic a day could help sufferers, so consuming one cup of the garlic milk each day could ease the symptoms and help to strengthen the respiratory system.
  10. Insomnia
    Sleepless nights could soon be a thing of the past if you start to use the garlic/milk remedy. Warm milk has long been used as a night time drink to help people to drift off to sleep and when mixed with honey it can be soothing. The addition of the garlic will help to support your general health and a cup of this remedy before bed time could see you soon sleeping like a baby.

Remember that when you have any of these health conditions you should not just stop any medications that you are already on without consulting your doctor first. You should also make sure that any natural health remedy that you use is not going to interfere with any medication that you are taking so a quick chat with your doctor will help to determine if this natural health remedy will help you.

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