Here is How Dandelion Cures Cancer (Takes about a day or two)

Herbal medicine has been popular for thousands of years and one of the most widely-used herbs is dandelion. While many people will see this only as an annoying weed that plagues their gardens, it does have medicinal properties that can help to strengthen the immune system and assist with fighting off serious illnesses and numerous studies suggest that dandelion cures cancer.Dandelion Cures Cancer

Its cancer-battling properties have recently been identified in a number of scientific studies and while these studies are still in the early stages, it is thought that for some sufferers, this herb could prove to be more useful than some conventional medications and treatments.

The studies suggest that dandelion extract can begin to work on cancer cells within just a day or two.

The detoxifying properties of the plant mean that it can help to remove the free radicals in your system. Free radicals can lead to conditions such as cancer but dandelion contains a compound called luteolin that acts as a poison for cancer cells so they cannot spread.

So far the scientific studies are mainly limited to laboratory work but human clinical trials have begun. One such study is into the effects of dandelion root on cancers of the blood including leukemia.

Laboratory studies have already shown that it can be effective against cancers such as melanoma, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer. Studies have been carried out by a number of top universities including the University of Maryland Medical Centre. So by no means, dandelion root is cancer hoax.

The Problem with Conventional Cancer MedicineDandelion Cures Cancer

There are a number of conventional treatments for cancer but they have their own problems. Chemotherapy targets the cancer cells and kills them off, but it also attacks healthy cells and this can make the patient feeling worse. Many people find that the treatment is worse than the illness itself for the way that it makes them feel and dread the treatment, no matter how effective it is.

When the dandelion root is used it strengthens the immune system and only targets the cancer cells. The stronger immune system encourages the creation of healthy cells. The stronger your immune system the better able it is to fight off conditions such as cancer and infections. Those who have cancer already have a weakened immune system so the more support it receives the better.

And dandelion cures cancer at no cost when conventional cancer treatment cost a fortune.

It should be noted that patients that are using conventional medication should discuss the situation with their consultant before they start to use dandelion root as it can have an impact on treatments such as chemotherapy.

There are now many practitioners of alternative therapies who believes dandelion cures cancer and provides dandelion based treatments for cancer patients alongside conventional doctors.


Here is Some Other Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

You do not have to be ill to harness the positive impact of dandelion weed. You can have dandelion root extract tea or you can eat the plant’s greens. Here are just a few of the health benefits of dandelion weed.

  • It is thought to be beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes as it can support pancreatic health, helping to regulate the blood sugars.
  • The herb is also used as a detoxifying agent. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it is great as a liver cleanse and a healthy liver is needed to achieve a healthy digestive system. It can help to prevent digestive complaints such as constipation.
  • Dandelion contains high volumes of vitamin C and alongside its antioxidant properties, this could help to prevent regular infections from occurring.
  • Dandelion extract can be used to fight against the bacteria that lead to infections in the urinary tract. Those who suffer from UTIs on a regular basis could see an improvement by including dandelion tea as part of their daily routine.
  • Intestinal health can be improved thanks to the high fiber content of the plant. Scientific studies have already shown that diets that are high in fiber can help to prevent a number of digestive conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, and obesity.
  • High levels of vitamin A in dandelion make this a good plant for eye and skin health and just one cup of dandelion contains 100% of your RDA
  • The herb can be used to help to treat the congestion and headaches that are associated with colds and flu. The high levels of vitamin C and other antioxidants can help to boost the immune system to help you deal with colds and other seasonal maladies.
  • The greens are rich in calcium so are good for bone health and can help to ward off conditions such as osteoporosis.
  • Those who suffer from itchy skin can use dandelion sap to combat the problem. You can also apply the sap to acne to promote good skin health. Care should be taken when applying the sap and it should only be done from a very fresh plant, preferably picked directly from the garden before you use it.
  • The French name for dandelion is ‘pis-en-lit’ which is where the nickname of ‘wet the bed’ comes from. It is only because the plant is an effective diuretic. This is another way in which it can help those who suffer from diabetes as this helps with blood sugar levels.

How Do You Use Dandelion Root?

The flavor of dandelion can actually put some people off using it. It can be quite bitter, but there are ways of using the herb that make it easier to take. Try adding the greens of the plant into smoothies where other ingredients can help to mask the taste of the herb. However, one of the most popular methods for using the herb is to simply make a tea.

The greens can be used in cooking so you can steam, sauté or even make them into a soup. Make sure that you use the freshest herbs. With dandelion, you can often find them growing in your own garden but only at certain times of the year so if you do need to buy from a store ensure that it is fresh and as organic as possible. Dried herbs are not as effective as the fresh plant.