Herbal Care : 9 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Face Overnight

Suffering from dry skin on face it can be  very debilitating. It can leave you feeling as though you should not show your face in public when your skin itches or flakes because you think it is all anyone notices. There are many factors that can cause dry skin including pollution and all types of weather from hot sun to harsh, cold winds. The lack of moisture in the skin reduces the flexibility of it and this will lead to cracking and flaking.Dry Skin

One of the main things to remember is to deal with dry skin as soon as you can because infections can easily occur when bacteria gets into the cracked skin. Here are just a few ways to heal dry skin on your face overnight.

1.Oil therapyOil therapy

There are a number of different oils that you can apply to the skin that will help you to tackle a dry skin problem. From olive oil to sweet almond oil, you don’t even have to blend them with other oils and they can be used on other parts of the body as well as the face. Take a small amount in your hands and then apply to the skin.

Sweet almond oil or coconut oil can be used in the place of an overnight moisturiser so you are giving your skin an intensive treat while you sleep. Remember that at room temperature coconut oil is solid so just break a small piece off and work in the hands until it is melted. You could also consider using rosehip oil which is very nourishing for the skin but does not have as long a shelf life as other oils so take care with storage to prevent the oil from going off quickly.

2.Castor oilCastor oil

This may not be the first choice of most dry skin sufferers but this is a product that can easily deal with the dry skin on your face. It contains high levels of vitamin E and recinoleic acid, helping to protect the skin against the elements and the chemicals found in soaps and detergents. The skin absorbs the castor oil easily so use this at night as a treat for the skin but make sure it is not applied too close to the eyes.


Head to the nearest chemist to pick up some glycerine and rose water and add equal parts to a bottle and mix. You can add lemon juice in too if you prefer. This is a blend that has been used for a long time and once mixed can be stored in the fridge. This combination is recommended as an overnight treatment and it can be used every day if needed. This is a very inexpensive remedy and it is one that was very popular a few decades ago thanks to the low cost and its effectiveness.


Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of ailments including dry skin. This is another product that can be mixed with rose water as a treatment. All you need to do is take a spoonful of honey and add a couple of drops of rose water. Apply to the skin and leave it on overnight. It can be rinsed off the next morning with tap water.

5.Aloe veraAloe vera

Another popular remedy with those who want to know how to heal dry skin on the face overnight, aloe vera is a plant that should be in every home. The gel contained within the leaves has calming and soothing properties. When applying it to the skin it can help to protect it from further damage while naturally moisturising it.

6.Essential oilsEssential oils

 We have already mentioned using other oils such as sweet almond as a moisturiser but you can enhance the effect by adding a few drops of an essential oil. Lavender is a very soothing oil and this can help to reduce the itching of dry skin but you can also consider oils such as chamomile, calendula, rosemary and basil. Blend a few drops in with your carrier oil (avoid using essential oils neat on the skin) and apply to the skin. The mix can be left on the skin overnight and then any residue can be rinsed off in the morning.

7.Shea butterShea butter

This is another oil that is actually solid at room temperature. It is known for its healing properties and like coconut oil, all you have to do is work it between your fingers to melt the butter then massage it into the skin. This is another treatment that will benefit the skin if you leave it on overnight. Shea butter is slightly more expensive than some other oils for the skin but it is still affordable for most.

8.Create a combination!herbal tonic

Some of the remedies that we have suggested here can actually work very well in combination with each other. For example, you could use coconut oil and shea butter together, or blend aloe vera with honey. For every person the right remedy is different so you may need to do a little experimentation to find out what is going to work for you.

9.Evening face maskherbal face mask

Make the most of the ingredients in your fridge to create a moisturising face mask that you can apply to the skin in the evening for 15 or 20 minutes, before rinsing it off and heading off for a good night’s sleep. Ingredients such as avocado, banana and natural yoghurt are all soothing and moisturising and make great face masks. Try mixing banana with honey to harness additional healing properties.  Some dry skin sufferers believe in whisking up an egg yolk and applying that to the skin as a moisturiser.


This list is not exhaustive and there are many more natural remedies out there that may work for you when you are suffering from dry skin and wondering how to heal dry skin on the face overnight. Give some of these a try and let us know how you get on!